Multipurpose sensor does not link to the new Hub

Recently I got a new hub to replace the old one, and I have 2 multipurpose sensors placed in my office for data collection. However, when I got the new hub online and set up ready to use, it could not find the 2 sensors, and there is no light blinking on both sensors. What problems could it be? Is it because the battery is down for the sensors? Someone please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Did you reset them and add them to the new hub? If not, it doesn’t know they exist.

Yes, I pushed the reset button and reinstall the existing battery, but the LED light on the sensors does not blink. I used my iphone app to add them to the hub, but it could not find them. That is the problem.

It should go blue when the battery is installed and then green when found. If it didn’t, then you need to reset and try again.

It can be tricky inserting the battery with the button depressed.

Put a piece of paper under the battery with a part sticking out through the slot on the side. Then insert the battery. Depress the button and then pull the paper. This will mimic what happens the first time you pull the plastic piece for a new device.