Devices not recognized after battery depleted/replaced?

I have let my SmartThings open/close sensors batteries run down. It seems that when I replace the batteries the devices are not seen (no open/close notices in the app). Has anyone else noticed that?

Mine just did this. I pulled the batt a few times and bam working. Also if you just reset it(but don’t remove from ST) and search for a new device under marketplace it will come up as the old device.

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Did you follow the instructions for replacing the battery? Place the sensor near your hub. Then in the app in the Marketplace select Connect New Device. Press the arrow on the right and a screen will come up saying Looking For New Device. Press down and hold the tiny button on the top of the device while inserting the battery. The green light in the sensor should come on. The hub should find the sensor quickly.
The first time I changed a battery in my multipurpose sensor I used a small screwdriver and scratched the orange insulation on the circuit board underneath the battery. I put a small piece of tape under the battery and the sensor came back to life.

Sorry it took so long but thanks @celblazer and @hbr for your help! I’ve finally had a chance to get back to this. The whole issue of changing batteries and having the hub recognize the devices again seems to be a bit hit or miss, but your suggestions were helpful!

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