SmartThings SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor availability?


Is the SmartThings SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor still available? I have one and would like to get another one but they don’t seem to be available. Have they been discontinued or are they just out of stock? Thanks!


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Have you found them to be reliable? I have two of them and the humidity readings frequently make unmotivated short-lived 20% leaps.

I’ve also noticed the lack of availability, which is a shame because nothing else in the SmartThings lineup does Humidity.

I wrote about these sensors on my smart home blog:

It maybe overkill but apparently the Netatmo weather station is supported via Smartthings. Netatmo do support humidity and temperature plus many other readings.


We are no longer selling the temperature/humidity sensors. The Motion, Water Leak, and Multipurpose all have temperature sensors. If you are looking for humidity, another good alternative is the Aeon MultiSensor


I am also looking for one, the aeon is not a replacement, one it eats batteries like crazy and 2 it is not zigbee.