Multiple of the same smart app on an item?

(Octoxan) #1

Is it possible to have multiple of the same smart app on an item?

I’m trying to get it so that a light will turn on from motion in Home mode to 100%, but in night mode to 30%… but it says the light is already configured for this. Surely I can’t be the first person who wants dim levels to match the time of the day? >.>

(Bruce) #2

Yes, it is entirely possible. Just create another shortcut, called “Light at night” or whatever. In that shortcut refer to the same Thing, the switch or dimmer itself. In this shortcut set the dimmer level where you want for night. And just as you suggest, restrict each app to only the mode it’s for. That works.

(Octoxan) #3

Ah I get it. Crazy how poor of a work around we have to use, cluttering up the shortcuts section.

I hope when the new hub launches we get a new app more like Winks lol.

(Bruce) #4

Sorry, but it isn’t a “poor work around” at all, it’s the guts of how SmartThings works. “Cluttering” up the shortcuts section is a false concern (you can always rearrange it). If you’re trying to use Lights & Switches as the UI to SmartThings, you are a bit off base. Got to separate the issues: 1. get the functionality you need (entails using every SmartApp you need to get the functionality fine tuned), and 2. get a UI that works for you (take a look at

(Eric R) #5

I think people forget one of SmartThings’ base ideologies: ST is hoping you can set everything and then not think about it. They are not intending on control from the app so much. They want things to work in the background. If you label and organize stuff well in the app, it shouldn’t feel too clutered.