Multiple events based on mode

With the 3 modes, I want lights in a room to come on with motion at 60% power during home and away, but at night, I want to setup a different action to turn lights on at 10% power (no need blinding someone who is sleepwalking). System doesn’t seem to let me add a second action to do this. Any thoughts?

All apps have the option to implement them only for certain modes. Use the standard turn on motion app at +/Actions/Lighting. Install the app twice, set the first for what you want for home and away, and the second for night.

You can use smart apps like Smart Nite Lite or Lights & Switches and have them only activate during Night mode. As far as I know the amount actions per mode is not limited (but I may be wrong lol). My night mode changes my lights red and dim them to 10%, turns off my hall lights, sets my monitor light in my bedroom on so that when I am ready for bed my bed lamp comes on at 20%. Lastly my back hallway light and bathroom light are set for monitor so I do not stumble in the dark half sleep. :smile:

The way I installed it was to do the add events > Turn light on when motion …selected light and to only occur during home/away. I then went back to the add event > Turn lights on when motion… but now the light shows under “already configured” and doesn’t give me option to select it again. So probably the app itself trying to be “smart” and not allow duplicates?

Yeah… and these different classes of SmartApps is just stupid. Go to the devices in Things and tap their “SmartApps” tile. There you will see a list of the current apps for that device. If you tap on one it will take you to its settings and be able to uninstall it. Of course the app does not refresh the list when you return to it (on Android at least), so you have to swipe the list closed and tap the SmartApps tile again to see what is really left.

Uninstall the apps installed for these devices under Events, and then install the one described above.