Light Switch - Two Modes (Night / Away) ... Multiple Entries under "Lights & Switches". Help!

Hi everyone.

I’ve been trying to setup Smartthings so that my home lights (triggered by a motion sensor) light up full intensity during the day (say between 6am and 10pm). At night when everyone is asleep, I have the lights convert to night lights (e.g., they light up at 20% intensity, triggered by a motion sensor, and off when motion is no longer detected).

I’ve accomplished this as follows:

  1. For each dimmer I have two smart apps setup: (i) Lights (home); and (ii) Lights (away).

  2. Away mode is automatically set by an action called “Sleeping”, which changes the mode to “away” when “things quiet down” (i.e., there is no motion detected) between 10pm and 6am. This is working great.

  3. Similarly, I have an action called “Home” when “things start happening” (i.e., motion is detected between 6am and 10pm) which switches the mode to “Home”.

The issue is this - I have to setup two smartapp actions per dimmer switch, one for “away” (turn on lights on motion at low intensity), and one for “home” (turn on lights on motion at high intensity). Everything is working great but when I install the two smart apps for the same switch I am forced to enter a new light switch name for each app. This results in having two light switches for the same switch under the “Lights & Switches” menu in the dashboard. One switch for “Lights (away)” and another for “Lights (home)”.

Is there any way I can get the above accomplished with only one light switch per physical switch being created in the “Lights & Switches” submenu in the Dashboard?