Dimming Night Light

(Broderick) #1

I’ve been struggling with the night light functionality in my SmartThings setup. If you could give me any advice, or point me towards an app/thread that solves my issue, please let me know.

I have TCP lights in most of my fixtures, and a motion sensor in almost every room. I want a night light app that will turn on the lights and dim them to 20% when there is motion in the room. Then, a certian time after the motion stops, it will turn off the light. I also want it to only run when SmartThings is in night mode. I’ve seen a couple apps that have this functionality, but don’t support setting a mode.

I can actually accomplish this by creating a second light fixture in the SmartThings app for every light, naming one ‘living room-night’, and one ‘living room -day’, but this is a big hassle and makes things very complicated. I would prefer an app that does this.

(David Creed) #2

Try this one. Light Turn On Motion

Click the + Icon, Actions, Lighting, Turn on when there is motion.

(Broderick) #3

Thanks for the suggestion, but that is basically the same thing as I was doing before - creating a separate light group called ‘living room - night’. It works, but is convoluted. I did find a night light app that does everything I wanted though: “Smart Night Light - Dimmable”.