Multiple Notification Sounds

Is there a way or has anyone figured out a way to assign different sounds to different events? I think there is only one sound that can be assigned to the entire app when it creates a notification on the phone. I may be wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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You are not wrong. I use Tasker on Android to read the notification to me. More than makes up for not having more than one alert sound.

Thanks for the clarification. Does Tasker read the text portion of a Notification or did you disable notification and use an SMS message that is read by Tasker?

Tasker can ‘say’ the notification title ’ say %NTITLE’. You can also use pattern matching to exclude or include just the notifications you want ‘said’.

seems like such a simple thing to "fix."
one sound for my security settings
another sound for the mail arriving
another sound with the kids get home…

come on SmartThings!