Assigning a unique notification sound for Smart Home Monitor alerts?

I’m new to ST. Just bought the Home Monitoring Kit yesterday.

Looking to customize it a bot with regards to notifications. First, how can I assign a unique sound on my android phone so I know when an alarm triggers?

Secondly, is there a way to make one alarm sound even different than the rest?

Hope that makes sense.

You should be able to use Notify When and have it send you a text. When you receive the 1st text, save that number as a contact in your phone and change the sound for text from that contact.

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Thanks. I didn’t know this.

I’ll test it out.

Just a kinda related follow up. I have 3 door sensors and one motion. To test, i went into armed mode. Went through a door and immediately got an alarm. I then went to where the motion sensor is but never got another alarm. Will it only alarm once and then needs to be cleared somehow before other alarms will sound?

Yes, once there is an alarm, it stays in alarm until you go into the app, select the alarm and clear it. If you had waited long enough you would have kept getting reminder notifications on your phone .

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Thank you.