Notifications read aloud on Android phone?

Is it possible to get my smartthings notifications read aloud when they come across my android phone?

You should be able to set something up using Tasker. If you’re into customizing your phone it’s worth the small cost. Otherwise, I’d look at the play store for apps that read notifications. No guarantee that you’ll find something that will only read notifications from specific apps.

Can you get ST notifications as SMS rather than push notifications? Seems like there should be an app that can read SMS from specific numbers out loud. If not, Tasker definitely will.

Tasker has a learning curve. If you need help, the Tasker subreddit is a good place to start.

Are you trying to do this while you’re home (on the same network) or always? What type of notifications are we talking about here? Door opened? You only want the ST notifications read but no others? Does it have to be the notification text? Could it be something close to it?

If you’re on the same network, you can set up an app called Lannouncer. This basically turns your phone into a speaker that ST can send notifications to. You can then set up the device in ST and use it like any other speech notification device. There’s a bunch of threads about people using it.