Multiple lights, can I connect them?

so I just closed on a new house and I have an odd scenario that I’m trying to figure out.

On one side of my kitchen I have under-cabinet lights that are plugged into an outlet. That outlet is controlled by a switch on the counter. On the other side of the kitchen I also have under-cabinet lights that are plugged into an outlet that is controlled by a completely separate switch.

What I would like is to have a switch on either side of the kitchen, both of which control both under-cabinet lights (acting like a 3 way switch), without having to run new wires.

Now I’ve wired many ge and homeseer zwave switches, both Dimmers, slaves and 3 waves and I’ve wires a few outlets that are only controlled now through google home (“ok google… turn on dining room light”). Can I do what I’m trying to do without running new wires?

Please help, the previous homeowner ran some horrible switches, and i’d like to combine some of these.

Replace both with zwave switches and use the mirror function in smart lighting.

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or name them individually and control both via a virtual switch with the common name.

So … both of these options sound like they would work, but I haven’t done either. How is a virtual switch created, and is that only usable through an app?

What is the mirror function and how do I find that?

virtual switches are created within smart things and can effect real devices also within smart things (look in smart apps) mirroring I’m not sure about.
it would even be possible to control both separate sets of lights under cabinet from either physical switch if you chose to, assuming smart things and using aeotec nano smart switches and that each set of lights is controlled by a single switch.

Mirror function is set up through the Smart Lighting app - pick one of the switches as the device to control, then under “What do you want to do” choose “mirror behavior” and select the other switch. You’ll need to set up a second, complementary lighting automation to mirror in the other direction.