Syncing Kitchen lights with Cabinet lights?


I’m new to HA and tried searching for this but couldn’t find anything. I have an in-wall light switch currently that turns on my Kitchen lights that I want to sync up with a different in-wall switch elsewhere in the kitchen that my cabinet lights are connected to. I am planning to switch out the in-wall light switch that controls the kitchen lights with a GE z-wave plus 600 watt switch soon. I’m not sure what I have to do with the other switch if anything. Let me know if I can somehow sync up my kitchen lights with the cabinet lights with one switch.

Many thanks!

You would need to switch your undercabinet light switch to a smart switch also. Then through the SmartThings Smart Lighting SmartApp you can create a rule that toggles the undercabinet switch when the overhead lights is toggled. You could even do the reverse too.


Thank you.

Does it have to be a smart switch or will a smart plug work just fine? In this case, the cabinet lights plugs into the plug that plugs into a non smart wall switch. It’s a little cheaper this way, I think…

Ah ok assumed they were hooked up to a switch. A inwall smart plug or a plugin style smart outlet will work just fine. The Iris smart outlets at Lowes are pretty reasonable. SmartThings won’t care if your overhead lights switch is Zwave and undercabinet lights are Zigbee either. This will all work via Smart Lighting.

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Just remember that you’ll lose control from the second wall switch in this scenario. It will need to be on all the time - if it’s in a location where people will hit it out of habit, you may want to put a switch guard over it.

Smartlighting now has a mirror feature so one automation can allow you to sync the two lights (with appropriate hardware). I would set it up where the cabinet lights mirror the kitchen light but not the other way around so that you have the option to just have the cabinet lights on by themselves.

Awesome, I appreciate everyone’s feedback on this. I’ll work on it this weekend and let you guys know if I have any additional questions.