ZWave Switch - Control Lights Across Room

Not sure i will explain this too well as very new to all this. I want to put a zwave switch to control the under cupboard lights in my kitchen, and I want to have it turn on the lights under the cupboards on the other side of the room, unfortunately they are not on the same switch, and cant put a zwave switch to control the other side, is there something I can connect on the other side that can create something so when the right side is turned on it then turns on the left side. Some kind of relay ?

Hope it makes sense

The question is. Why can’t you put another smart switch on the other side of the cupboard? Is it because of room, lack of neutral wire? You don’t have to have lights on the same circuit to be able to control it from any smart switch. All you have to do is syncing them with Smart lighting smartapps.

Because the switch on the other side is a double switch and I can’t find a zwave switch that has two switches one on top of the other, not two separate switches next to each other, but rather two switches the size of a normal switch, one above the other.

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In that case. You can install a micro in wall relay module as long as you have line, neutral and load in the same box.

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Yep this is a great solution. Curious Dave what kind of under cabinet lights you have… are they hardwired in or does the wall switch control a switched outlet? Also by any chance is your cabinet lighting LED strip lighting? Just asking because it opens up other options to consider

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They are hardwired built into the cabinets

You could also check for Vision relays, They are a little cheaper

Assuming the under cabinet lights plug into the wall somewhere, something like this should work in conjunction with your z-wave wall switch + the Smart Lighting SmartApp:

@paulmike3 I have 2 of those. They work good but they are big and ugly. Take a look at this

or this

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