Multiple hubs in two different states?

Is is possible for Smarthings App or Tiles to have mutliple hubs in multiple locations that can be monitored? Have a hub with devices for one house in PA and thinking of putting another hub with devices in a home in FL. Can I use the same app and select each hub to access its devices or must I get another app or reinstal Tiles again? I need the ablitly to control hubs and devices remotely from another state, for instance If i was in PA and wanted to turn on a light in FL is that possible while my phone and or Tiles app on Chromebook able to turn the light on remotely rather than have to be at the location in FL? Thank you.

You can add multiple hubs/locations to a single account and therefore the app. Works with SmartTiles as well @tgauchat can comment more on SmartTiles specifically, but a lot of other smartapp integrations might not work (as far as I am aware). @JDRoberts should know more than me.


The current version of SmartTiles v5.8 runs as a SmartApp and so is limited to one Location per Dashboard, 5 Dashboards per Location.

You can install a separate copy of SmartTiles to each “Location”.

The soon-to-be released rearchitected ActionTiles supports Things from unlimited Accounts and/or Locations to be mixed on any number of dashboards.

As @ZebraBlinds said, SmartThings allows you to add more than one hub to your account, and each hub will have its own location. You’ll only have one copy of the SmartThings mobile app on your phone, but when you open it, you will have to pick which location’s devices you want to see at one time. A smart app can only control devices at one location, so You have to install any smart at that you want once per location.

All of that works pretty well. The biggest complaint that people have is the third-party systems that use oauth at the present time can only see one of your locations. So if you want to use echo or even IFTTT, you’ll only be able to use it with one of the locations. So if you have an echo at each house, they will both only work with the devices at the first location on your account. This can be both confusing and frustrating if you don’t know about it to begin with.

There’s no real technical reason for this limitation, so it might change in the future, but that is the way it is now.

Can I control multiple SmartThings Locations with Alexa?
No, not at this time. But we are working on an update that will allow multiple Amazon Alexa devices on separate Amazon accounts to control separate SmartThings Locations.

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One more thought… This might not affect you because you said Pennsylvania and Florida, but I’m pretty sure that smartthings pays attention to the time zone that your phone is in. And that this has caused some problems for people checking on a second home in the past. But I don’t remember the exact details.

@slagle might know more.


I don’t have two homes, but recently when I visited 1 timezone over, I noticed some oddities with how the time was being expressed.

IMO I care about what time it is at my house (where the switch that I am turning on is located), but SmartThings seemed to think it was more important to tell me what time the switch turned on in my current location’s timezone.

Being off by an hour probably isn’t a huge problem, but next time I am 8 timezones away it’s going to be confusing.