Hub V2 and Second WiFi Network

I have had the Hub v2 since last September but been reluctant to implement it given the reports of so many problems. Today it occurred to me that I might be able to phase in implementation slowly on a 2nd network. I am thinking I would remove devices, one at the time, from V1 hub and add them to V2 hub. My ISP has provided us with 4 unique IP addresses and I can create an entirely separate wifi at home to which I can connect the v2 hub. My questions are though:

  1. Can I install a 2nd hub on my ST account on one network while maintaining the V1 hub on the current network?
  2. Can I control devices on either hub from one ST app? I realize I would have to toggle the Location setting.each time I want to control a device on a particular hub but that is doable while I test.
  3. Will my Devices, Smart Apps, etc on the IDE be in one place or will there now be a separate interface for each hub showing only the devices, apps, etc associated with any give hub?
  4. What other problems/issues may I not have considered??

You don’t need a second network to do this

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Really? I can plug the V2 hub into the same router as my V1 hub???

2 & 3 - yes, you will have two separate locations on the same app

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An SmartApp Instance must be installed per Location and can only include Devices in that Location.

i.e., a second Hub is useful in various ways, but not for automating things across a large home. For that use case, you need to install sunset events, etc., twice, and can’t have sensors in one location trigger stuff in another.

Not sure if IFTTT can integrate Devices from multiple Locations yet. I doubt Alexa can.

SmartTiles future version V6 will likely allow you to put Devices from multiple Locations on one screen, no swapping screens required.

2 - You can actually be able to control both hub devices with one location. Here’s how I do it. Go into IDE and under devices. You can change the location of the device to whichever location you want. I have devices on both hubs with one location and multiple smartapps controlling both. Just remember that you will still need both hub on and they are still pair to their original hub.

That’s a wonderful amazing secret discovery, Ray!!!

That needs to be put in Documentation (@Jim?) and/or the Wiki!!!

Bear with me a bit some things you describe went right over my head.

I can change the Hub field but cant seem to find a way to change the Location field.

Devices? You mean the same device on each hub or a set of devices on 1 hub and a diffrent set o devices on the other hub?

Both hubs (v1 and v2) paired to the original hub Version 1?) ? Sorry but you lost me. Confused.

That’s what I changed. By changing the hub field of a device to another hub. The device will make a duplicate in the ST phone app to the new location of that new hub you just changed. ( before the Android apps update . It just moved over. Now they duplicate it with the new 2.0.6.)

“Just remember that you will still need both hub on and they are still pair to their original hub.”

I meant to say the device you just moved to the new location hub is still paired to the old location hub. So if you turn the old hub off. You can’t control that device. Hope I am not confusing you.

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