A few questions on max. locations, access control

Hey ST forum, thanks for any insight!

I was wondering if there’s any maximum on the number of locations you can add to one account. I’m thinking of adding a minimum of 10 and possibly up to 30-40 locations. Is this possible?

Can people also confirm that you can only add 1 hub to 1 location?

Finally, is there any way to do fine-grained access control on a per location or per hub basis? Are there any apps or smartapps that allow this type of access control?

Does the Smart Tiles app or similar allow you to assign users to only specific locations or hubs? Temporarily?

While I’m at it, for people that use a setup like this, do you face any issues? Especially with custom SmartApps/integrations?

If anyone knows the answer to any of these questions, I’d very much appreciate it!

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SmartTiles “V6” (now known as ActionTiles™) will launch with granularity of control to the level of a “Panel” (a dashboard… a set of Tiles from one or more SmartThings Account Locations that the Panel Owner has directly authorized through the SmartThings SmartApp authorization process).

One ActionTiles Account can be authorized an unlimited number of SmartThings Locations (Hubs), but that is “all or nothing” access.

Each ActionTiles Panel can then be shared with any number of other ActionTiles Accounts. Each Account is protected by a login and password, and their access to the Things of the Panel owner is fully limited to the Tiles that have been placed on that Panel.

Email me with further questions: Terry@ActionTiles.com


You are limited to one hub per smartthings “location.” But “location” is just an organizational concept which means that a single smart app cannot control devices on two different hubs. Someone with a really big brick house, for example, might set up one hub per floor, and define each floor as its own location.

Quite a few people have set up a separate location for an outbuilding like a barn or an office even though they were all on the same Internet account.


So “location” isn’t defined by street address or even Internet account. It’s just literally defined by you and means there is a separate hub there.

We do have a couple of people who are using this in a landlord situation where they have multiple properties. If you check the Quick browse lists in the community – created wiki in the project reports section, there’s A list for second home projects which also has some landlord projects on it. So you might find some of those interesting.


In particular, @jrivera is managing a project with several hundred units, so he might have more to add. :sunglasses:

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