Multiple DropCams?

I have two dropcams, one an inside view and the other an outside view. I also have two motion sensors, one inside and one outside. I’m trying to setup the inside sensor such that when motion is detected it takes a burst of pictures using the inside DropCam and the outside sensor to take a burst of pictures using the outside DropCam when there’s motion detected outside.

The trouble is, I can only seem to get one to work (the outside one). When I set that sensor up I was given the option to take pictures as one of the actions when motion is detected. Thereafter when I try to setup the inside sensor, I am NOT given that as an option. The only option I get for that sensor is to notify me.

Is only one supported?

In case it matters, the inside sensor is the SmartThings Motion sensor (previous generation to what’s available from the store now) and the outside sensor is the Aeon Labs multisensor.

Thanks for any insights.


BUMP! Any update on this?

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I just installed one of theses and had planned to do the same thing you are talking about. Any update?

Side Note: Anyone know where the snap shots are stored?

I have 3 dropcams: 2 standards and 1 pro and it works very well.

Thank you all on this topic. I have one Dropcam and I’m about to purchase another one for the outside. Please advise what case or enclosure you’ve used or recommend. Thank you,


Dropcase is the only enclosure I’ve found so far. It’s cheaply made, but it gets the job done.