DropCam Still captures

Hello I am not too happy with the reliability of the ST smartapp for DropCam as it not always displays the pictures even though the activity log says it took it and the fact that you can only see the last 10.

I am not a real developer so I don’t know how to improve the situation.

However I did some homework and I found this: http://m.accuweather.com/en/weather-blogs/weathermatrix/hacks-for-google-nest-dropcam-mount-removing-mic/28273881

If you scroll down to where you see the big 1 2 3 you will learn (apologies if this is a known fact) that you can have a url for a live still jpg of your camera… My question is, how easy would it be to create a smartapp that upon a motion sensor being triggered it saves the jpg from that irl and sends it to an email, text, notification, google drive or anything like that??? Maybe using IFTT??

Hopefully someone can do something with this…

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