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Multiple actions with SmartApps? How do you do this?

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Hi everyone, getting used to ST as I’m coming from HomeSeer. I enabled Sonos on my ST and I love how I can do events that speak whatever I want. One thing I’m confused with though is doing multiple actions. For example, I went to SmartApps and saw one that I already do with HS3 today where it turns the AC off if the door has been open for 10 minutes then puts it back on when it closes. That’s great, but I also want the Sonos to speak when this happens, and say something advising that the AC has just been turned off. I don’t see any way to do something like this, the settings just have send push notification or text. Is it not possible to trigger multiple actions?

(Paul) #2

If you’ve not done so then look at CoRE.

IT will solve a lot of questions (and problems).

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Thanks I’ll try that. I tried to install it yesterday but didn’t work, followed the guide to add it via GitHub but when I’d go to add all that would come up were 3 different things and none seemed related to this. Does it let you integrate with other SmartApps or is it more to do it from scratch? Like I like how there’s SmartApps right now that do the things I do already but without coding it.

Like with HomeSeer to do the event I mentioned, I’d be writing an event saying “If the kitchen door has been open for 5 minutes, AND thermostat is set to COOL, THEN set thermostat to OFF, set variable auto_off to 1.” Then a second event “If the kitchen door closes, and variable auto_off is set to 1, THEN set thermostat to cool, set variable auto_off to 0” and so on. So kind of clunky, so I liked how ST has lots of apps already made. But with CoRE would I basically be doing it like the above, and writing the events out manually again? Or does it allow you to integrate with existing SmartApps?

(Paul) #4

Have a play with it, might seem a bit daunting at first but it’s powerful.

It’s a Smartapp in it’s own right. Useful where basic SmartApps don’t cut it.

If you want a basic lighting automation then SmartLighting will sort it, want to flash a bulb red when a door opens this is the tool. It’s a logic engine that can meet just about any requirement you have. It’s an essential part of the toolkit for a large part of the community. For me it makes ST awesome!

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When I describe CoRE to people who don’t have any idea what it is I just tell them it’s pretty much IFTTT on steroids. Pretty much any action or set of actions you want you can create. I sometimes use other smartapps but honestly tend to always fall back to CoRE. It’s customization is ridiculous and I have still barely even scratched the surface of what it can do.

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Can you imagine an app blowing CoRE out of the water? Coming soon. Mwahahaha

(Jordon) #7

Oh really!?!? Hmmmm deffinetly got me intrigued.
I actually just went and read what you posted about the project out are working on. I honestly can’t wait!! I love the idea of sharing pistons.
I’m curious though about how it will work. Will it be through a smart app in the St app or separate and will it still be drop down menu style for setting up the pistons?

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You can try it out, I think post 75 of that thread explains how, but it’s in Alpha, quirky still