Help with an action within webcore

Fairy new to webcore but have most things set up but one thing I’m struggling with is below.

So i want to create a routine within ST to disable multiple things with one button ( for the wife ) in the event that she triggers something accidentally.

So I use echo speaks to play a security file on my echos through the house for 2 minutes if there’s either motion on my cameras, a contact sensor gets tripped or a motion sensor within my house, but only In away mode. Also have all my lights come on. All good, I have that set up and working awesome.

But sometimes, just sometimes, if me or my wife arrive and for whatever reason the mode doesn’t change from away mode to home when we get home and if all of that was to get triggered I was hoping to set up a one button function to easily disable all of that. I know I could create a routine to have all the lights switch off with one button with smart lighting app and create a widget on her phone to easily access it, but struggling to also tie in echo speaks into this to disable that. I know there will be a way to do this but I’m struggling here.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hang on. I think i may have sussed it. A simple virtual switch would work for the echos wouldn’t it?

While you may get people responding to your conundrum on this site, it’s a good idea to post it here as well:

WebCoRE has its own forum too!

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