Questions Smartthings Multipurpose Sensor and temperature readings to the Virtual Thermostat

I have a virtual thermostat setup that turns on a smart plug that is in turn connected to a wall mounted heater. My question is how often/when/if the Smartthings multipurpose sensor reports temperature readings back to the virtual thermostat? It feels like I have to manually refresh the sensor in the app for it to update.

So does it correctly send temperature readings back automatically? Does it do it after x amount of time or only after it records a temperature change?

Thanks ahead for your help!

The sensor reports in every 7 minutes and reports on status change as well.

Thanks for the information! For the sensor under recently, I only see temp updates an hour apart. Does it only put a temp reading into the recent if it has changed?

Exactly. If it doesn’t change it won’t show.

That explains it. So I have the virtual thermostat to run when Night Mode is activated. But I noticed that the heater didnt come on for 20 minutes because I guess the temp hadnt changed so therefore it was reported to the thermostat? Is there a way to manually trigger a refresh on the multipurpose sensors when night mode is engaged?

I tested this again last night. For whatever reason Good Night Routine is not activating at 8 pm like it supposed to so night mode is not activated (but Good Morning works fine coming on at a certain time…go figure). I activated the Good Night routine manually last night. About 15 minutes later my wall switch and heater were activated, but the one in my daughter’s room didn’t come on for over an hour. Looking at the log, the temp readings were coming at every hour on the dot.

It looks like maybe the sensor will report a temp change when there is one and report the temp every hour after that if there was no automatic change? The logs are very weird.

Is there anyway to force the sensor to refresh on activation of the Good Night routine?