Door Knock Detection with Multisensor

I installed my smartsense on front door and was wondering if there is a good way to use vibration as knock alert.When i open door both alerts go off,open door and knock at door.Is there an app available to do what i want. Only app i found seperates alerts by minutes instead of seconds,timing to far apart.If knock goes off I won’t get alert that door opened.

could it be made to send me a text.Was hoping to know when some one is at front door when not home.

Updated the repository to add option to send push notification and / or text message

Very cool thanks for your help.Dogs just barked by front door and set off vibration sensor. Any way to adjust sensitivity using android devices.

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Agreed it would be great if we could adjust knock sensitivity for this app. I get about 15 false knock alerts per day just due to wind or I dunno what

I totally agree with imbrian.

Has anyone noticed in the push notification it no longer says the Sensor name, just ${Door.KnockSensor}?

Same here, that is why I logged in today to see if there was a solution

Same here, hence why I was looking.
Also dont see phone txt message as an option but I see it in his code on github

So i went to and added imbrianj to “my apps” setting

Selected … /door_knocker.groovy and imported it. then published and Oauthed it and added it to my apps. All is working now and txt works.

Looks to me like the Smartthings Apps are using an old copy of the code as I can not see source but even newest stuff is from 9/10/13