Multi Sensor Temp Feature / Thermostats and 240 Volt Heaters

Does anyone know if it is possible to use the temperature feature on the Smartthings Multi Sensor to switch sockets or switches on or off?

I have both and really wanted to have a way to use that with a small oil heater, but cannot find a way to do this. Or does anyone know of a Z-Wave / Zigbee Thermostat that is not ridiculously priced? Since I am on this line of questioning, does anyone know of a Z-Wave or Zigbee solution for 240 volt electric fan heaters too. My house is all electric and it would be nice to have a way to control the heat centrally instead of silly expensive individual room programmable thermostats.

you can use the temp from any sensor in ST to do that. Just create a rule in rule machine that switches the outlet the heater is plugged into on.

Hi. Simple question, what is rule machine?

oh my friend it is the best gift ever given to SamrtThings @bravenel is the savior of our platform

are you referring to direct-wired? There is an interesting new Zwave line-volt thermostat

But you’d be better off spending the money on insulation.