Has anyone used a Smart garage heater

We have a 240 volt garage heater that has quit working. I can replace it with another one just like it. With all the new smart technology, I was wondering if anyone has used an electric heater that can be controlled and or monitored using SmartThings.

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I wired a Linear relay in mine. Works great. Because it’s a heater, I put it on full notification so if it tries anything funny…

Can you send me the link the the relay you used? Thanks

I have a standard plugin heater that I use with a samsung smart outlet plug. Not as fancy as a whole smart unit but just set the heat to max and then when the switch gets power then I get heat in the garage. It’s nice and it works pretty well.


Same here but with a little extra somethin’. I have a SmartThings temp sensor in the room so I run a Virtual Thermostat smartapp to do the control. You just need to manually set the local control on the unit to be calling for heat via Hi-Med all the time and let the smartapp do the actual control


It just so happens that I have 2 temp sensors (motion and multipurpose sensors) in the garage. My setup was to turn it on if the garage was below 40° and it was 30 minutes before one of us was going to be leaving for work and of course the garage was closed.

I like your idea tho

I do this too, didn’t detail the rest. Looking for that relay…

Just be sure to read the max power allow on the smart device and your heater so it won’t cause issue later.

Thanks for the link.

The heater i have now and was going to replace it with is a 240 volt system. So i am not sure if there is a relay that will work with the 240 volt systems.

Heater i have now. It has lasted for at least 15 years. I thought they would now have a digital thermostat now.

After i responded i read about the relay and it does say it can work with up to 277V

I have seen people who have large appliances plugged into a large appliances smart outlet. Haven’t bothered to look into them myself however.

One thing i worry about with putting in a shut off in line is that heaters normally need to have cool down periods. If you just shut off the power then the life expectancy will be lower.

Thanks everyone for your input.

I wired mine into the onboard thermostat. Keeps the cooldown and passes less current over the relay.