Multi Sensor Stuck In Closed

Hello all,

I just attached a multi sensor to my garage door and it seems to be stuck in “closed”. I’ve checked many times to ensure that the device is being told to operate as a garage door and not a standard swinging door. I tested the sensor before mounting it and it would report as open so I don’t think the unit is defective.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks.

How do you mount your sensor? It’s using the tilt function so could it be it’s not tilting enough? Out of range?

It’s mounted at the top of the garage door so even with the door opening just a little bit it gets horizontal. The hub is at the other end of the garage and there’s a Smart Things Outlet in between the two. Is there a way to see if it’s still out of range from the app?

Since the hub and a repeater is nearby it’s highly unlikely it’s out of range. I think it’s how you mount the sensor. There is no way to know if it’s out of range

Try doing a Zigbee repair by unplugging your hub for 15 mins (ensure that you also remove your batteries). When you plug the hub back in, then give it a good couple of hours to repair itself (ideally should not take long, but sometimes it may). This will help your sensor select the best possible master. It is possible that although your sensor is close to the Hub and the Outlet, it may have picked some other master (one somewhere in side the house perhaps) …or if you don’t have any other powered devices it could just be that the sensor may be jumping back and forth between outlet and smart things hub as master…and may be causing issues. Try the repair and see if that helps. If not contact support.

This might be of interest:

Hi, my garage sensor was stuck on ‘Open’

I checked most things and even tried another sensor, just to see…

The solution (to my issue) was to remove and reinsert the battery

All good since then


Hi everyone,

Thank you for the suggestions. I restarted the sensor by removing and inserting the battery. After that, and a cautionary network repair, everything seems to be working well again.

Happy holidays!