Multi Open/Close and Temp on things

(Eric Sims) #1

I am not much of a coder. Can someone take a crack and coding a SmartWeather Station Tile to go get the temp from a Multi so you can display the Multi temp and the Multi open/close status at the same time?


(Pete Molina) #2

Do you mean display both on a single tile visible from the main screen? So, have the value display something like this in the tile: 40° / Open?

(Eric Sims) #3

No, I would like two separate tiles. One does Open/Close for the Multi, another displays the Temp from the same Multi.

(Pete Molina) #4

okay…I’m with you. I knew I had seen discussion about this recently…but it was you asking questions in the “Things” area that has brought you here to the Dev area. Got it! I’m not sure I’m capable of accomplishing what you want as I’m still learning how to code this stuff myself, but I think I understand it.

So, you want the smartsense multi to work like normal for itself and its normal tile. Then you want to have a separate “Weather Station” tile that works like the SmartWeather Station Tile Device, but sources temparature from your multisensor instead of from Wunderground.

Does that sound right?

(Eric Sims) #5

@Pete Molina,

I think you have it exactly!

(Eric Sims) #6


Any luck?