Display Smart Multi twice?

(Eric Sims) #1

Can you add another state of your Multi to the things screen? I would like to see open/close state and temp at the same time without having to click on the settings for the tile.


(Mikespry) #2

that’s actually a good point. would make the multi…well multi functional. right now you kinda have to choose between one of the three functions.
I tried doing that myself when i first installed one of my multis but gave up and forgot…

(Todd Wackford) #3

You could create a virtual device that subscribes to only the temp attribute of the multi.

(Bruce Ouellette) #4

OHow do you make a virtual device ?

(Eric Sims) #5

I added a SmartWeather Station Tile. Right now it will just give me the temp of my zip code? It would be cool if I could tell it to go get the multi’s temp instead.