Show temp and open/close with Multipurpose Sensor

Hello. I have two Smartthings Multipurpose Sensors that I’m using for my garage doors. Has anyone written a device handler that would make it possible to see open/close status AND temperature at the same time, without clicking on each tile?

Alternatively, maybe the color of the tile could be used to indicate open/close… Red for door open, Green for door closed?



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Modifying the existing DTH for this is not too hard…); but I must point out that ActionTiles offers this functionality in one form or another…

are you talking in the thing list or on the device page itself?

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  1. Garage Sensor
  2. Garage Temp

These 2 Tiles are the same device (ST Multipurpose Sensor). One displays the Open/Closed Status and the other displays the Temperature.

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He was saying that he wanted to see both elements listed in the Things page without having to click each device individually to see both of those elements together.

That functionality I believe is restricted to a single element on Things, either Open/Close or Temp.

Thanks for sharing this example, WB.

FYI: We are testing a proof-of-concept in development, of possibly offering Temperature in Tile Footers, similar to Battery % Level. We will not promise this will be delivered as a Feature, but letting y’all know that we are “hearing” some customer’s requests for information-dense Tiles, and just experimenting with the concept.

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Well this would satisfy the OPs request even further into a single tile versus the example on my panel of both elements side by side. Well it resolves it if he ends up using ActionTiles, not the ST mobile app :slight_smile:

And I will have to readjust my panels if something like this ever comes to fruition.

That’s what I thought, but the word tile made it confusing. I believe it is restricted to one capability.

Hey, how did you gathered the temperature? This is not working for me:

- platform: mqtt
name: Multipurpose Sensor Temperature
state_topic: "smartthings/Multipurpose Sensor/temperature"