Multi Hub Network?

I just added a second V3 hub to my existing setup of another V3 hub.
I was going to move devices over to the other hub to help with my setup and to eliminate that softlimits on devices & drivers.
But after adding this hub, im presented with the option to use it as a “Multi hub network” by labs that i never knew about and was wondering if its worth doing that instead.
Will it help with my issues and setup?

Multi-hub discussion here Multi-Hub Network “Labs” Feature .

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I saw that thread, but it never addressed wheather the memory softlimit was eliminated or if the work load is shared over multihubs

The discussion in this topic Multi-Hub Question - Drivers on Secondary Hubs suggests that the primary hub will still have all the drivers and the secondary hubs are simply extending the radio networks of Thread and Zigbee (similar to how the primary ST Wi-Fi hub is the “master” ST hub and the secondaries are simply repeaters for Z-Wave, Zigbee, Thread, and Wi-Fi).

If that’s the case, I don’t see how multi-hub is going to alleviate soft-limit issues.


FWIW, I was getting soft limit issues with my hub on a multiple times per week regularity. All I can say, is that I added a second V3 hub as a multi network with no other actions taken, and my over the past many weeks have only hit the soft limit once. Coincidence…maybe, but the timing was at the exact same time. There must be some sort of memory sharing in the background that we don’t know about…or maybe it was just a complete fluke.

Strangly, i moved over 25 devices over to the new hub and im still getting both a memory and driver soft limit on the main hub.
But at least the chatty Tuya device is off my main hub.

Which supports the idea that the main hub is doing all the processing and the sub hubs are just radio repeaters.


I added it as a second hub, not as a multi hub.

Most people who take this approach put all their Z wave devices on one hub and all their Zigbee devices on the other, then delete the edge drivers which are no longer needed on each. This keeps the mesh strong on each and should reduce the memory requirement.

If you only have Zigbee devices, make sure you are running the custom tuya edge driver on only one of the hubs, and preferably run the V edge creator only on the other one. That might also help balance the load.

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If you weren’t able to delete any drivers from the first hub, then I wouldn’t expect to see any changes in the soft limits warnings.

Removed some drivers completely from the first hub, no longer have the device softlimit now.
Theres obviously some devices that are chewing extra memory.
Ive moved over the tuya mositure sensors, tuya buttons and the counter utility.
Now both hubs are on the softlimit with memory, like what the hell and yes i removed the drivers from the main hub.
Now im thinking i need to change all my virtual switches over to 1 type, i have a heap created using “virtual devices v2” and heap created with the API+ browser.
Maybe that’ll help.

Rebooted both hubs and no longer have any softlimits on either hub.
Has some strange stuff happening with devices and routines disappearing and suddenly reappearing, hopefully the reboot has resolved that…

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