Two Hubs Same Location (Not Multi-Hub) - Preventing Duplicate Devices

I think I saw something on this some time back back I can’t find it.

I just added a second hub to a location. For those that may not have seen my various posts, I have close to 500 devices on my V2 and have been at the soft limit for some time. I know I’m going to get whacked at some point and finally hit the supposed memory limit so I am getting ahead of the game. Also, I know the pitfalls that come with the two hub approach.

At this time I am just experimenting with the second hub (a V3 but not really relevant). I presume there is no way I can stop things like Sonos, Wemo (still trying to rid myself of Wemo devices) adding again when I do a scan for new on the second/new hub. These devices already exist at my location via the old V2 hub. I’m interested in hearing some best practices to handle this situation (besides deleting all those dupes after every scan).

When adding new devices to the second hub, I would avoid using Scan Nearby and instead either add them by brand name or by scanning QR codes.

Yeah I hear you but with some custom drivers you have no choice.

I have a small number of third-party devices that end up as duplicates due to my set up. I had originally tried cleaning them up each time, but ended up creating a “Duplicates” room and putting the second instance of each in there to be ignored.


I actually use it as an all-purpose utility room and put things like vEdge Creator (one for each hub), virtual Calendar etc. Anything that doesn’t belong in a real room.