MUCH Trouble Excluding, Including a Eaton (Cooper) Switch

Also, you don’t need a minimote. They were discontinued in 2017, are now super expensive, and, again, you don’t need one. :sunglasses:

Did as you suggested…SUCCESS! Both switches work now. Again, thanks lots for your help. I’m still a bit of a novice concerning smart homes. Our new town house is set up for it. So I want to keep learning and take advantage of having it. I’m constantly reading the Samsung threads. You are in many of them. It is interesting the many problems that pop up…even for those who are experienced. Next I set SmartThings up with Alexa. And will try to find a work around for our Overhead garage door opener. It was paired with the Clare Hub. So there may be a way to do it with SmartThings. Anyway, again, much thanks.

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