Moving to new State, need to move Smartthings Hub and Things

I currently live in MA and thinking of moving to another State. What is the best procedure to move ST to my new home in another state. Can I just shut down the Hub, take my smart things Hub V2 and things to the new location and turn everything on? How do I change my new home location so the Hub V2 knows the new location to set up the Geo-Fence.
Thanks in advance.

Yes, just plug it in at the new location. I would have all my devices plugged in and running but thats more a personal way I would do it. Either way shouldn’t matter.

In the app you can edit your location.

where in the App do I edit my location?

[quote=“GerryM, post:3, topic:47531, full:true”]
where in the App do I edit my location?
[/quote] In the upper right corner of your mobile app hit the “hamburger” to access and edit your Hub settings via the little gear icon.

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