Change location's street address without app?

I am configuring a smart things hub for a client, and pairing up a number of devices to do some simple demand control at the client’s location. I do the setup at my office using the Smart Things App, and of course that location is the one that is selected during the setup process. I want to now ship the hardware to my client, and change the location at which the hub will be located. There doesn’t seem to be a way to change the location without actually being there with the Smart Things App open. Is there a way that I can change the location coords via the Smart Things website, or any other way that does not involve me being physically at the location, or having my client install the app and make the change that way?

The initial set up is based on the location of the phone where you are using the app, but you can change that in the app itself by using the map:


BTW, The word “location” has a specific meaning in a SmartThings context and applies to a subdivision of the SmartThings account, usually associated with a different hub.

What you really want to change is the Geopresence coordinates/street address of the location. But it’s going to be the same “location” after you identify it at a different address.

I just mention that in case you end up talking to support about it.

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Many thanks for the links. I’d already tried that approach. For some reason it didn’t work on my iPad mini, but got it to work on my iPod. However, moving the map and tapping on the location is very inefficient. I basically had to open up Google Maps on a separate device and use that as a guide to relocate the pin.

I potentially have 2000+ hubs to setup for clients. It would be rather more efficient if I could use an address that could be reverse geolocated for the ‘location’. Any chance an interface to support this is in the pipeline?

Wow. 2000??? Or is that a typo?

As far as the iPad not working, I believe you have to have location services" enabled on the device, so it won’t work with a Wi-Fi only device, or device it doesn’t have a data plan.

As far as being able to update The street address through the IDE instead, I haven’t heard of anything. @slagle should know. :sunglasses:

SmartThings is an end-consumer product; not meant to be centrally managed/configured by an integrator.

BTW: “Commercial use” is prohibited by their “Terms of Use”.

Providing the ability to manage 2000+ Hubs is simply not in their core product strategy! – Even though we all wish there were stronger configuration tools that were web based.

(As an aside; let me know if you think ActionTiles could play a role in your business :wink:).


I’m interested in this as well there has to be a way to do this, I’m trying to set one up for my mom and send it to her I called tech support and they told me that it wouldn’t work but that I could have my mom call back and they could help her set it up …totally defeats the purpose.

Good idea! I’ll bear that in mind… thnx

I have setup 2 hubs for other people (along with some lighting devices). The location selection was pretty inefficient (having to find the location on the map in the mobile app and clicking on it), but in theory this should work. I haven’t sent the hubs and lights back to the intended users yet, but in theory all they have to do now is plug everything in and it should work as intended. I’ll let you know if I run into any gotchas.

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BTW I used an email address alias for my own account to create a new Smart Things account. The end users will be added as “family”… But I guess I need to determine if I’m breaking the terms and conditions of use if I am to proceed much further along the path I’ve set out on.

Thanks so much I’m going to try it as well and I will keep in touch if I run into anything too.

Chris Costabile

You “definitely” are; but there’s doubt if SmartThings is going to pursue any remedies.

SmartThings really needs to ramp up a partner program for consultant/integrators; but that would give them certain additional obligations that I think they prefer avoiding.