Move whole new ST system to another house

I just bought my first Smartthings hub and 4 devices. They are for a second home, not my primary residence. Can I set up the system in my primary home, and get all the timings and notifications working, then just unplug everything and move it all to the other house? Or do I need to wait until at the other house to register the ST hub for the first time?

You can move it after it’s set up (one of the ST blog posts talks about this.) in generic network installation this is called bench activation, because all the devices get paired to the hub back at somebody’s office, then sent out to the field. You’ll also need to tell the hub its new street address.

Then once you’re there, you need to do a full network heal after you’re in the new place to make sure you have the most efficient routing table for the new location. The zigbee devices take care of themselves, as long as the hub has been unplugged for at least 15 minutes between locations.

For the zwave devices, you need to use the ST zwave utilities after everything is in place and powered up at the new place.

WIFi devices, though, may need to be individually reset.


Thanks for the info. I’m setting my system up now!