Moving switch from Tuya hub to SmartThings hub

I want to delete the Tuya Hub, but I couldn’t pair the wall switch with Smartthings. Your post triggered me. Tuya is there Smart Life eco systemen. The wall switch is from Tuya too.

Just for reference, we started from this FAQ topic:

FAQ: Using Tuya Zigbee Devices Directly With a SmartThings/Aeotec Hub (2024)

But I have moved your comment to its own thread, so we can get down into the details of your specific setup.

To begin with, you don’t need to remove the Smart Life/SmartThings integration from your account. You can leave the tuya hub connected that way for now.

But you will need to reset the Tuya switch to factory settings before you can add it directly to the smartthings hub.

I’m not familiar with the Smart Life app, you might be able to do that just by deleting the tuya wall switch from the Smart Life app. Or you might need to also do a factory reset on the wall switch itself.

@Paul_Oliver might know more about what you have to do from the smartlife app.

We will also need to know the brand and model of the wall switch to see if it requires an additional factory reset step. :thinking:

Also, you are sure that it is a zigbee wall switch, not a Wi-Fi wall switch? Tuya makes both, but the method in the FAQ only applies to Zigbee devices.

When you want to move a Tuya ZigBee device from a Tuya hub to SmartThings (ST) go into the Tuya/SmartLife app, open the device, click on pencil or 3 dots in upper right corner, scroll to bottom and select Remove Device, then select Disconnect or Disconnect and Wipe Data.

Now you’re device has been removed from the Tuya app and will most likely be in Pairing Mode, so just open ST and run scan nearby. Works well for hard to access devices like in wall relays. You can add them too ST without every physically touching the device.

If you chose Disconnect during Removal the device will retain any special settings that you chose in the Tuya app. Many of these settings are not available in the ST app. This is the option I generally chose.

If you chose Disconnect and Wipe the device will be factory reset and you will loose all settings you chose in the Tuya app.