Moving from V2 to V3 hub

Hello looking for some advice. I’ve been having issue with my v2 hub around adding more Zigbee devices as I think I have reached the limit. So I plan to move from a v2 to v3 hub. They are both set up on my account and I have had a few devices on the v3 hub to test it out but no smart apps or automations as they are all configured on the v2 hub. I read a while back that ST support had the ability or a way to move your devices between hubs. I was wondering if this is still available and if so how would one go about to request it? If not what is the best plan to manually move my 90+ mix of Zigbee and zWave devices, smartapps and automations?
Thanks in advance for your input.

you need to contact ST support

This is not a good plan.

The v2 hubs already had the firmware update to increased the directly supported Zigbee device count (without repeaters) from 32 to 64, which matches the limit on the v3 hub. Moving from v2 to v3 will not help you with the problem you are seeing.

The correct way to add more Zigbee devices once you’ve hit this cap is to use Zigbee repeaters, which are mains-powered devices (plugged in) that also support repeating. Many Zigbee plugs (outlets) work as great repeaters, like the Ikea ones (for $10).

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