V2 to v3 Migration Plan

I am about to migrate from v2 to v3. Rather than me reinventing the wheel, has anyone already published a plan for doing this?

I would rather not take everything offline at once if it can be avoided. My thought is I would bring up the new hub and then remove devices from v2 and install to v3 room by room. If I can’t have both hubs online at the same time, I will unplug the idle hub while I work on the other. Did anyone use this method?

That sounds like a huge mess. My advice and I am sure others with have their own opinion… remove everything including the hub. Then add the new hub and the devices.

How many devices do you have? # of zigbee, # of z-wave, cloud integrations, webcore? Automations/scenes?

While you can have both hubs online at once, the preferred method of properly building out your new meshes (because each hub builds its own) will completely trash your existing meshes

Here’s how that plays out…

You should build out your new mesh from the hub outward, line powered devices first to build the repeater backbones. When you start moving devices off your old hub… Im pretty sure these are the same devices that make up the core repeaters for the existing mesh… (you’re not moving where you keep your hub). Well you just knocked the legs out of the core of your repeater mesh for the old hub. Read: after about your fourth device the old networks (both ZigBee and ZWave) will start to destabilize.

So whether you want to or not you just completely hosed the old setup - you can of course troubleshoot and fix it, but you’re moving after all… So in frustration you’ll just down the old hub and start moving devices as fast as possible.

Ask me how I know… :sunglasses:

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Thanks for your input. I figured there would be a tipping point, but with three floors to do I didn’t want to leave too.much off line as inworkd through any encountered issues

either way should work and you should be able to add both hubs to the same account as long as you have a combined total (or less) of 200 devices.

though before you do the major haul you might want to wait until they kill off the IDE in which all devices will have to be re-added

It’s not a step by step plan, but the following thread covers most of the main points and should be of interest. It specifically discusses ideas for moving a room at a time. Although the hub models are different, the network issues are the same so the advice will still apply. :sunglasses:

V1 Hub Conversion to Aeotec Hub: best practices? {includes discussion of moving in phases}

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Have you contacted support? I believe they can migrate all your stuff to a new hub if going from v2 to v3

79 Devices, 17 Zigbee,4 WifI, the balance ZWave. 12 custom device handlers (inc WebCore), 17 WbCore automation,s and 3 others. 2 life modes.

Have not – I had read a few threads where they were basically saying blow it all out and start again

Now may be the perfect time to start migrating from webcore over to automations/scenes. Webcore will most likely cease to function when groovy is shut down … by end of year perhaps.


Might be a good idea, but I am still trying to play with getting all the fine-tuning WebCore gives me inside of automations.

There is a tool to migrate the metadata between hubs but the reality of the situation is you still have to rejoin each device.

Not worth it IMHO - it’s all going away. While I LOVE WebCoRE if I were starting new or having to move to a new hub I’d do it all without it at this point and use built-in Automations and the Rules API.

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I find I can usually move my Zigbee and virtual devices (I don’t have any Z-Wave) between hubs in the same Location just by editing them in the IDE. Sometimes the IDE doesn’t let you, and obviously you still need to pair the Zigbee devices to the new hub which will sometimes create a new device instead. It can be a time saver if you have Automations, Scenes or legacy apps to deal with.

Two things I haven’t figured out…random lights for vacation and the ability for if then else.

For the vacation lights… look in the SmartThings labs in the ST app…No worries while away


Asked Support for guidance/tools to aid in transition between v2 and v3.

Heard back for support, they want screen shots of the issue. I almost sent them pix of them v2 and the v3, telling them “My stuff from.here to there.” I would think the answer would be stock at this point.

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Well, as of this afternoon, I transitioned everything to the API and it all works.

I a working “if then else”, but it is not very eloquent.

I want a fan on between 0609 and 1809, but only if the temperature is above 70.

All is well and good to turn it on, but the only way to turn it off is a second app to turn the fan off if the temperature is below 70.

Webcore let me put it all in one app, now I have to use two – like using Smart Lighting for such mundane activities in the pre-WebCore days.

I will eventually learn how to do it, if the capability is there, but for now, I have proceeded in the right direction.

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Ok, more bad news for you. Smart Lighting will also cease when groovy is shut down.


Dropped it, when I picked up CORE, now I’ve transitioned off of WebCORE, so I am back to needing two apps to do an “if then else”