Moving from a dead v2 to a new Aeotec hub - starting over

Sorry if this seems repetitive, but I have searched the forums here for quite some time and haven’t been able to come up with the recent, relevant information I’m looking for. I sent a request for help to ST support, but haven’t received a response yet (4 days).

Back in Sept 2020, my v2 hub just quit working. I opened a ticket with ST and after several exchanges of information it was officially declared DOA. At that time, new replacements were pretty much unavailable. I was only just recently able to get an Aeotec clone.

I realize I am going to have to start from scratch, resetting all my devices so they can be recognized by the new hub. What I want to avoid are any additional complications that are tied to my old hub. What procedures (if any) do I need to accomplish to ensure I’m starting out just like this way my first hub.

  • Do I need to delete my previous devices, scenes and automations from the app?

  • I have a couple of webCoRE pistons, will they cause complications?

Any tips or tricks for this process would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

you may want to try contacting ST support and see if their migration tool is available. it might be worth a shot. if you are in a region where you can call, tHat might be a quicker way to reach them vs sending email.

does the tool actually exist to transfer stuff from an old hub to a new one - who knows! there was one user who reported using it last fall but i have not seen anyone else.

as for webcore… make backups of the pistons before doing anything… just in case.


In this case, yes I would recommend deleting everything. I don’t have really any experience using webCoRE, but if you can re-write the existing pistons to include the new Device IDs you will get when re-onboarding, then those are worth saving in whatever fashion.

The Hub Transfer Tool does exist, but it would require your previous Hub is operational and cloud-connected, from my understanding from your post this is not the case. But, if it somehow does still connect it could of course be attempted.

If you’re organized and intentional with this process, it will go much quicker than you might think. I’d consider:

  • Printing out your complete device list from the IDE web browser view.
  • Screenshots of Automations and Scenes within the App.
  • Put a sticky note on each device you have that can serve as a reference for if its in need of reset, ready to enroll, etc. and remove the sticky note when it is enrolled. This could also be used for keeping naming convention.
  • Delete custom DTHs that might exist on your Location. This ensures you only use what you need to going forward and that you install the latest versions of the DTH should it be needed. The same goes for SmartApps with the exception of webCoRE.

Good luck on this. Please do reach out if you need any additional help!


Was this tool extended to those with v1 hubs, or only v2/v3?

only v2/v3 hubs that have newer firmware that the v1 does not have

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