When the time comes: is there a hub migration tool?

I have had a V2 hub since they came out and it has been running well since then minus the outages. We all know electronics just don’t last forever. What happens when it dies? Do I start from scratch? Does everything get moved over to my new hub?

I am sure this question has been asked 100’s of times.

No migration tool. Although, there was one but got pulled for some reason. I use webCoRE for most of my rules so at least it allows for backing up your rules.

there was at one time a migration tool, but it was never officially released to the public general use and required you to contact support. said tool is no longer available for a long time now.

you were always better off just starting over form scratch when changing hubs.

I’m thinking they are gonna release that tool once aeotech releases the hub so it can help boost sales for aeotech.


that is a possibility, but the previous time they used it, it had problems. i dont remember the exact problem, but it something like devices were showing offline, though they were working.

So then what happens to the poor guy who has 200 devices plus a bunch of virtual devices & a ton of automatons?