Moves to v2... But all categories on dashboard gone


I used to have categories on my first tab (dashboard) showing a summary or lights… Locks… Sensors… Etc.

Although I added all things to v2… I only see the smart home monitor… How do I add the categories??


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Currently cannot. For whatever reason SmartThings decided to deprecate the Dashboard groupings but did so leaving those in existence present. That presents the unfortunate migration side effect you’re seeing. New locations (aka your v2 hub) can’t access the same dashboard functionality as your legacy v1 location.

I was afraid someone would say that!!

Now to turn on a light I have to go through all my things which has many items to find a light! Or to look at the status of a sensor!

I know there are rooms… Maybe they decided to group by location instead of function.

The interesting thing is that the dashboard section is still in the app and almost useless without the categories! Why would they keep it there if they plan to use it.

I hope they somehow bring it back.


I do wonder what their future plans are for the Dashboard tab. It seems like there must be an intention for something other than Smart Home Monitor, because it looks awfully lonely on there now. Either that, or eventually they’ll just turn the Dashboard tab into SHM.

I don’t believe anyone from ST has said anything about this yet, I’m just speculating.

In the meantime, I would recommend using the Rooms function to make it easier to find your devices. Rooms are intended as a location-based organization, though there’s nothing to stop you from naming it anything you want.

What puzzles me, is that the page/tab that is most action packed/crowded with things, apps, etc has the largest portion of the screen covered with a blurred picture of my home. That’s just my subtle observation…

Privacy! My friend! Privacy. :wink:

Ah, yeah. They built a wall on my page for the privacy of my own eyes, I guess. At least they didn’t disable the scrolling for the privacy of my own thumb…I can still scroll through the things!

P.S. this is one big joke, based on previous comments made by ST officials, they are working on altering the design…

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yes, I can use the rooms to classify it with other things, but what I missed in categories is that in a glance I can see all lights are off… and all doors are closed. Rooms doesn’t give me that summary, I have to go to each spot to check sensors/lights… whatever…

Privacy? Not sure what does this have to do with privacy!!


LOL :slight_smile: Now that you mention it. You are right… I started to notice it a lot. Half the screen is gone :slight_smile:

Just made the move to a V2 Hub and now I’m wondering why I did that. I want ‘My Dashboard’ to be an actual dashboard again and not just an Alarm panel. There is no quick way to see the status of lights and locks without going room by room, or going down my list of things.

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