Dashboard - Hm

I’m not sure I’m sold on the Dashboard - that’s great if I only have 2 devices per category, but I have 30+ devices… about half of which are switches… so if they are all in my “Lights & Switches” category, it takes quite a number of pushes and swipes to get the switch i want. On the “old” or “classic” view, I could rearrange and group, etc. I know I can get back there, but again, it’s a lot of maneuvering to get around to the various things I want.

For example: Lets’s say I’m looking at “Home and Family” and I want to turn on some lights that don’t happen to alphabetically be the first two light switches of my many switches. I have to swipe up twice to get to lights and switches, then press the little “arrow-turny-thing” to expose all the switches, then swipe the one I want, and press it. Then, to get out of the “Lights and switches” category, I have to close the little arrow-turny-thing.

Could swiping left/right go to more devices instead of the store? can the icons be not so big to get more things?

Yeah, I already have conflicting indications between ‘Dashboard’ and ‘Things’.

One shows car present, other shows not. One shows a light on, other not.

Two steps forward…

I’d like to be able to close all the dashboards so all I see is the headers. I do enjoy the “summary” found in the header. I also wish that the icon’s matched between the dashboard and the things tab. I’ve spent a lot of time making my device types look a certain way and that seems to be lost completely in the dashboard view.

Lastly, with the latest update we’ve lost the ability to quickly get to apps (by sliding left). I’ve written quite a bit of apps that are quick “press” and something happens. Now I have to navigate through several clicks to get to the apps page, search that page for the app I want, then hit the “button”.

Overall, I think it was a great idea but falls short in the real world use.

Steve, have you tried using groups of lights in the dashboard rather than importing each light individually?