Moving home over 10 days

Im moving house over a 10 day period where my Hub wont have power other than the batteries included. Will i lose everything or is it just case of plugging it all back in once im in the new house?

As long as everything is in the same relative position, so that repeaters are still close to the battery powered devices that they were close to in the old house, you just put everything back on power and it should work fine. ( you can take the batteries out of the hub for the 10 day period as well. You won’t lose anything. You can confirm this by emailing support.)

if devices now have new neighbors

If you’re moving devices around relative to where they were in the old location, then you will need to do a zigbee heal and a zwave repair utility so that all of the individual devices can figure out who they are physically closest to in the new house. But that’s pretty simple.

For Zigbee, once all the devices are in the positions where you want them, then just take the hub off of power (including taking out the batteries) for at least 15 minutes while leaving all of the other devices on power during this time. When you power on the hub again, each individual device will then check to see who it is closest to and update its neighbor tables.

For Z wave, you leave the hub on power and you run a utility.

if you also move your Wi-Fi router

If you are also moving your old Wi-Fi router, you may have an issue for a couple of weeks where your phone doesn’t know that it’s home because it’s using the old street address, but that’s a standard phone/Wi-Fi router issue, nothing to do with smartthings. You should just be aware of it if you do use presence based Logic based on a mobile phone’s location.

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Perfect thanks, should be all good as ive got a new Google onhub and use smarptool for presence

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What tool do you use for onhub to work as presence sensor? Do you mean if device is connected to router smarthings recognizes as device is present?

yes i use the shaptools and tasker to set my presence to home when I connected to Wifi

That’s for android any suggestions for IOS?

Thank you

Is it possible to change the location (and respectively the position in the house) of the Hub? I recently bought one and in three months I plan to move into another house. As I said, I’m curious if it’s possible to configure it for another house. The guys from Eagle State To State Moving (the ones that gonna move the furniture( ) said to cantact a service center but I think I’m gonna be able to do it by myself, with your help.

You can change the location address in the app anytime you want. It’s very easy. :sunglasses:

The following is a very old thread, but the same functionality is still available even though the screens look a little different. ( The topic title is a clickable link.)