Move to new house, hub devices nightmare

(Arun Nayar) #1

So I moved to a new house. Took the hub and all the devices and connected them all in the new house. My hub shows online but none of the devices are reporting the correct state or can be controlled by the devices. It was my understanding once they are connected ot the hub, you can just move them wherever you like.

I thought I will try a reset and tried to remove the location but that is also a no go. I have a ticket open with support to delete location remotely.


Unfortunately this isn’t the case. It’s recommended that you pair the device in the place that it’ll be installed, starting from the devices closest to the hub, then moving outwards.

Z-Wave in particular is picky about mesh networking and requires the devices to stay in basically the same place.

I’d recommend resetting each device and pairing it again. We have steps that should help on

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #3


Have you tried a zwave repair?