Samsung WiFi/hub advice

Hi all,

So I need a little advice. I bought what I thought was a V3 hub, but turns out it’s the WiFi/hub

What the hell is the difference and can I use it for a Smart hub. Are there any disadvantages of having one

The V3 hub has a new hardware partner, Aeotec, so it looks like it’s going to be around for a while, and it gets feature updates first.

( note that Z wave operates on different frequencies in different geographic regions, so make sure you get a model for the region where you live.)

There were two generations of the hubs which also acted as a Wi-Fi router, Samsung connect home and the newer smartthings Wi-Fi with Plume. The first generation has been discontinued, so if you got that one, I would definitely take it back.

The second one doesn’t have a new hardware partner, so it seems likely that it’s at “end of life“ but they haven’t made that announcement officially. It does continue to get feature updates, but on a different timeline than the Aeotec version and it’s running several months behind at this point.

Personally, I don’t like the Wi-Fi router in those models, so I would always recommend using the regular Aeotec hub instead, but it’s a personal choice.

There’s an article in the community-created wiki that lists all the different hubs, both current and discontinued, with model numbers, so you can figure out what you have:

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Thanks, I appreciate this detail. It appears it also has a non UK plug and is the Vodafone version upon trying to install it.

Wish sellers, part lack of my knowledge part poor described. I’ll be returning

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