Mounting ST motion sensor in a corner

In some rooms, I would like to mount the ST motion sensor in the corner of the wall. Anyone has some suggestion of what I could buy of Amazon or ebay to make a clean install?



You can always go to Lowes and grab an Iris motion detector (purple box). It is smaller, works well with SmartThings and can easily be mounted in the corner of the wall.

What do you mean by clean install, it’s a wireless motion sensor. Their isn’t any wires to run or anything like that .
I just use hot glue the stick the motion sensor on the wall. And when I need it off I use a hair dryer to heat up the glue and take it off . Saves me from having to reprint all the time.

I just have a real simple approach. I run a 2" screw into the corner at a down angle and plop the motion sensor on the head. Easy peasy, can’t see the screw.


I was thinking about this the other day. Best I could come up with was to carve a triangular block our of something (wood, styrofoam, closed-cell foam) that would slot into the corner and be wide enough at its face to hold the sensor. If I had a 3-D printer I’d fab some kind of a frame. Either way, double-sided tape or hot glue to secure both the block and the sensor would probably be the way to go.

I have an Ecolink mounted in a corner. It came with a bracket for corner installation.

@Luvien, I’d recommend what @blebson said, and it’s exactly why I love the Iris devices compared to the ST version. I have just 3 ST motion sensors, and my issues with them are the terrible battery compartment design, and not being supplied with any type of decent mounting bracket with angles for corner mounting.

I dunno. Still can’t beat the 3 axis adjustability of a good screw. :slightly_smiling:
I’ve employed dozens around the house for about $1.00 :grin:
And it you make a mistake there is just a finger push of Spackle and no one knew you were there.


That’s the Gen 1 device, so yeah that looks good if you don’t mind the hole and patching it later if needed like you said. That install looks really good btw. Is there a slot in the back for the screw head to go in to? I can’t remember if the Gen 2 device does, but I think it doesn’t.

I use Tesa power strips to lock them into corners works perfectly fine for the ST motion sensors but not the fibaro ones … just attach the strips on the casing that will hit the wall

Yesterday I looked at the Go Control and Iris (2nd gen) units that I have and both have narrow, flat chamfered sides at the back that are clearly designed to allow you to mount them in a corner.

In fact, the Iris unit came with two pieces 3M tape that is a funky shape and for the life of me I couldn’t grok what it was for. Now I realize that they are shaped exactly like those surfaces, so it appears that they intended for them to be used to secure the device into a corner. Maybe other manufacturers have been similarly clever.

My Slomin’s tech. just screwed right through the case of the motion sensor into drywall and did not use drywall anchors. Seems very unprofessional to me having done quite a bit of structured wiring. I know they make brackets for the Ecolink sensors used; and the sensors clearly have punch out in the back for screws or brackets. Does anyone think this acceptable work?