Monoprice Motion Sensor Mount

(Rob Patak) #1

Anyone have any good recommendations on corner mounts or brackets for the Monoprice (or similarly designed) motion sensor? I have a couple that are currently 3M command stripped flat against a wall but I’m finding that a corner mount solution would be much more effective.

(Jordan P.) #2

Maybe industrial strength Velcro?

(Greg) #3

cut a piece of lightweight wood to fit in the corner and give you the face angle you want for the motion sensor. paint the wood the wall color. 3M the wood to the wall, 3M or use a nail to hang the motion on the wood. viola

(Dan) #4

What solution did you end up using for this? I’d like to corner mount as well.

(Jordan P.) #5

I probably shouldn’t be saying this but, I actually ended up emailing ecolink and asking them if I could order replacement mounting brackets for their zwave motion sensor.

They ended up sending me some brackets, free of charge! The motion sensors from ecolink and mono price are the same size. The ecolinks have mounting holes in the back but the mono price sensors do not. But I put double sided tape on the mounting points and stuck the bracket to the back of the sensor and was able to corner mount my mono price sensors using ecolink brackets.

I have other ecolink sensors, so I do use their products just not their motion sensors. If they had temp sensors in theirs then I would have bought theirs instead of mono prices.

I really like ecolink products and their customer service is top notch.