3D Printed Corner/Angle mount for ST Motion?

(Dav Glass) #1

Anyone thought about using a 3D printer to create corner/angle mounts for the ST Motion sensors? One of my few “pet-peeves” with the ST Motion sensors is the fact that it must be flush mounted. Having different mounting brackets would make my like so much easier :smile:

I’ve been contemplating a 3D printer to make some custom cases for my Arduino & Raspberry PI devices and thought that it might be interesting to also design some alternative mounts for these sensors. Anyone else think they may be useful?

(Brian Smith) #2

I would love these. I would also buy a few if you make them! Then I would go to BestBuy and buy all the PEQ motion sensors. That is the one reason I didn’t by any of them. I love the Fibaros because they have such a simple mount that works really well. But, I could get two PEQs for the price of one Fibaro. (Granted, the Fibaros do more.)

I wish ST would sell a cheap little wedge for them. @ben? Product opportunity?


I believe this already exists for this product, we just don’t sell it. I’ll see if we have some lying around somewhere.

(Brian Smith) #4

@Tyler You should definitely consider it as a pack in with the device and/or selling it separately. The current design does not lend itself to being mounted, and not every room or location has a shelf to put it on that is in an optimal coverage location.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #5

I have access to a couple of 3D printers (local TechShop … and a friend with one); but haven’t had a single project idea to try yet!

Perhaps we can collaborate; start sketching some ideas of what the mount can / should look like?

The Aeotec MultiSensor 6 has an optional mount like a camera tripod top; great for aiming / tuning, but probably expensive…


It’s very unlikely we’ll sell these on our shop as we’re getting close to replacing the current SmartSense Motion/Temperature Sensor with the updated Micro model.

I’m still looking into it though. :smile:

(Darin) #7


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(Brian Smith) #8

I think a good reason to possibly sell them - or offer up 3d printed files of them - is the current install base that already has them. Yep, they have probably figured out something by now, but it might not be that optimal. This might change that.

But, I can also understand not selling it if they are being replaced.


At the very least I’ll get a mount to someone who can create a 3D model. I can’t promise a 3D drawing from our end.


Good news!

Here is the 3D model of the corner mount for the 2014 SmartSense Motion/Temperature Sensor.

(Brian Smith) #11

Does that angle down or is it just to mount in a corner? I’m trying to visualize it.


It mounts it to a corner, no downward angle. I’m printing one right now so we’ll see how it goes.

(Brian Smith) #13

Hmm…although the corner will help, it seems like it should have a downward angle. @Tyler - are there any specs on the degrees of vision both horizontal and vertical? Maybe this isn’t as bad as I think if it has a wide vertical angle.

…and “I’m printing it right now”…jealous!!!

(Brian Smith) #14

I also wonder if would work for a PEQ. Not sure if it has the same back.

(Greg) #15

identical 1234556789

(Brian Smith) #16


@brianlees. How much does it cost to print 1 or 2? If the sticker shock is not bad, I can send you $$ for S&H via PayPal.


It’s important to note that the corner mount snaps on to the backplate that’s included with our motion sensor.

(Dav Glass) #19

That is exactly what I need, just pinged the files to my buddy at the local HS to see if we can print one :slight_smile:

(Brian Smith) #20

@lmosenko - that would be about $1000 for the first one. The second one will be much cheaper.

…I don’t have a printer. :frowning: