ST Multipurpose Sensor Problems


I just purchased the latest ST multipurpose sensor.

I got it to connect to my Samsung app. Then I placed it on top of my door near the hing with the magnet on top and the sensor almost flushed with the door’s top edge within less than an inch of the magnet.

At first, my Samsung app says that the sensor was active (before I installed it on the door). But now my app says the device is “UNAVAILABLE.”

I have two concerns:

  1. Is the door moulding and the distance gap affecting the device?

  2. When I tried to readjust the position of sensor with a hard pull from the adhesive and then try to see if it can smoothly snap to the magnet, the magnet and sensor didn’t snap smoothly… They don’t have smooth alignment; instead, after putting it on the door and taking it off to readjust, the magnets seem to align crookedly, as if the magnets of the two part repelled each other from perfect alignment and contact.

Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this multipurpose sensor device to show “AVAILABLE and ACTIVE” on my app, and tell me if the attempt at direct smooth magnet contact is a problem?

Thank you,

If the app is unavailable then it’s probably out of range from your hub. Otherwise you’d just see it reading as open when you want it to say closed. How far is it from the hub and do you have any repeaters (for simplicity, let’s just say Zigbee controlled smart plugs) installed?