QuietCool Whole House Fan 4700 and a relay

So we’re getting ready to pull the trigger on the QC4700 as it shows on high it uses 591 Watts which I understand is quite a bit of amps and low it uses 491. A lot of the relays out there are only rated for 3amps and I’m sure that the initial surge when the motor fires up goes beyond that.
I’ve seen posts where people talk about using a dual relay to control the fan speed. It is my intentions to not have any physical switches on the wall and instead just have a faceplate over the gang box. Would something like this work? Since it says that it can do 1600W total between the 2 loads but since I’ll only have 1 load active at a time (I intend to use webcore to automate the crap out of this fan including the safety check that if A is on then B is off and vice versa)
Thanks for your help with this.

It could work but not by itself. It is designed to be used in lighting applications so the 1600w is going to be resistive max. Here is warning given in the amazon description:

Designed to work with regular light switch. THIS IS NOT MOTOR CONTROLLER. Ceiling fans and other motors require DIFFERENT device to control . Incorrect device usage void the warranty. Returning it as defective in this case is Amazon return policy violation and may affect your buyer account.

So you would need to add relays rated to handle the fan which would be an option.

Or use two high amp rated z-wave relays one for high speed and one for low like

Maybe the way I did my high-low speed control for an evap cooler could help. Look at the wiring diagram at the bottom, it might give you some other ideas… [RELEASE] Evap Cooler Thermostat

Yeah I figured as much. I’ll just go with the go control ones. Thats what I get for trying to find an easy way around this :slight_smile: Oh well. I’m replacing my swamp cooler with the whole house fan because our swamp cooler sucks. Unless you’re standing directly below it, it does nothing for the house and since we had central air installed when we moved in there is no reason to replace the swamp cooler with a bigger unit. I need something that will pull the air out of my basement because its so dang cold down there and the rest of the house suffers. Plus the whole house fan will purge my attic of all of its heat as well so its a win win. Right now we put fans in the windows on my top floor and its working to pull the air up but it does nothing for the attic and with the Colorado summer heat getting ready to ramp up in the next few weeks I’d like to get this done now while the attic is still bearable. BTW if anyone else is looking to get a Whole House Fan that is ducted growershouse.com is the cheapest I’ve found right now and they have a 5% off site wide savings right now.

Well as soon as it cools down in the attic this evening this fan is getting installed. Yeah :slight_smile:

I’m looking into putting one of these in my house. Looks like they came out with a WiFi controller recently.

Not sure if it has an open API though, I emailed their support to find out.


Yeah putting in 2 go control relays for me was easy enough :slight_smile: Plus I let ST have full control over it I don’t even have to touch a thing. It just turns on when it needs to and then turns off. Although here lately its been a running fool lol with the heat but it sure is nice to have a breeze anywhere I want in the house. Open a window and boom instant breeze.