Motions sensors setting going off falsely

So Im at work, and have gotten about 8 notifications that there has been motion in my house. I know that nobody is there. What the heck is going on? Anybody else getting this today, or ever had this happen. Its happening on 2 different motion sensors. It is not from pets.

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What brand motion sensors? Are they in line of sight to shadows or quick changes in temperature?

I’m suddenly getting a lot of false motions as well. 2 last night and 2 this morning

ST motion Version 3.

I found out that mine were going off from drafts coming in via the fire place. Two brands, Samsung and Fibaro did the same. Motion sensors are not the same quality like that of professional ones used by intruder alarms with multiple sensors to prevent false alarms I’m afraid.

My original SmartThings motion sensor recently sent almost continuous reports of motion.

They were false reports and I removed the device to stop the reports.

Is it possible to review my account to see what might have caused the false reports?

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This seems to be an issue with the last firmware upgrade, especially during firmware updates if you enabled OTA updates.

Its driving me nuts - I updated the sensors, disabled OTA all together, still it seems they check if an update is a available - even worse they keep misfiring … not sure how to stop them doing it but my fibaro ones dont have the issue unfortunately this would mean to replace 5 sensors to cure an issue that wasnt present prior to the last update …

I will open a case on this as it annoys me …

I have been wondering, after I did log a case and someone offered to apply some tweaks what these would be … anyway - haven’t heard back and just had 3 misfires … interestingly it shows, when I manually refresh the sensor from the app - it triggers a motion event …

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I have an open ticket about this same issue.

I’ve reinstalled the sensor and have not had any further issues…FWIW

The app no longer shows motion after a refresh after I was told some chnages were made - however I can see 4 event motion, stopped, motion, stopped which is odd as if I remeber correctly the timeout is 30 seconds each so there shouldnt be as many events in a single minute …

Its still misfiring though so no change on that end …

Try new battery:

See my post here:

Why would I try a new battery? Mine shows 100% …

Mine showed 87%. New battery fixed it. A two dollar better than a 35 dollar sensor.